Top 5 Zombie Free Games

Posted September 22nd, 2011 in best-of and tagged , , , , by tsunamicg

Zombie Games are coolest online games now!  There are a lot of zombies games developed with  various themes: shooting 3d games, launch zombies or multiplayer zombies games. Hordes of zombies assault you, it`s impossible to escape so you have to fight and kill all scary zombies.

Don`t be disgust by these funny and ugly creatures – they are harmeless as long as you have tremendous weapons to dispel them from this world.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Multiplayer
Awesome zombie game it`s on GameSamurai – Zombie Assault is a 3d shooting zombie game where thousands of zombies want your soul. Fight off the horde of zombies in the awesome sequel to SAS2. Collect money to upgrade your guns and to take care of all zombies. Don`t forget – it`s a 2 player zombie game so you can play with players through over the world.

Zombie Outbreak 2
A mistery top-down zombie shooting game where you have to escape a city that is infected with flesh eating zombies. Explore the city, find new deadly weapons, kill all zombies from the city and reach the exit.

Full of zombies and monsters – Zomgies – challenges you to shoot all zombies who chased you. Run like the wind and kill them your most reliable weapon in this not too horror zombie game – but funny somehow. Do not let any zombies touch you!!!

Flaming Zombooka 2
It`s the time to shoot and launch rocket to disgusting zombies. Take control over a bazooka, point as many zombies as you can and release the trigger to kill them all. But stay, as would have been enough a big bazooka, now you have more and more weapons available, several types of arsenal and certainly more funny characters.

Ghosts vs Zombies
A non-standard zombie game where you have, not only kill all zombies you see,  make a good strategy, move your ghost on the table and take control over the world by gathering as many corpses as possible. You and your ghost fighters don’t like it and to stop the zombies you need to postion your troops in order to battle and defeat the zombie troops. Have Fun!

These are the most scary games, with the most shootings, most blood and certainly with the most zombies from the internet!