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About Us - The Samurais of GameSamurai.net

We are a small, but dedicated team that wishes to provide a pleasant gaming experience with the newest games out there. We constantly strive to improve the website, to offer more features, keeping pace with the latest technologies and trends.

The world of free online games is a very diverse and dynamic one, often filled with badly designed websites that focus only on obtaining that "all important click" on an advert. Even if we strive for the same thing we are not willing to sacrifice the user's experience. We believe in satisfied players that feel at home on our website.

We try to carefully select the games that appear on GameSamurai.net, following the trends but also sorting the trash out, and it's quite a lot of trash in the business of free online games. We hope we keep to this guideline, but feel free to tell us when we aren't.

As these are social times, we try to provide as much interaction with the major social networks out there ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ) so you are able to connect your gaming experience with your online social activities.

We hope you enjoy your stay on GameSamurai.net and believe your will surely return! Have fun!