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Instructions / Controls

Combat mode:
Aim and shoot; SCROLL - change weaponsMove; SHIFT - SprintQCommand, dragEAction circle1..6Activate abilitiesSwitch to strategy modePPause
Strategy mode:
Camera movement; SHIFT - faster/span>Mouse drag to select units; CLICK to order units to move; CTRL + CLICK - order units to attack-move; Hold SHIFT while selecting units to select additional units1..5+CTRL to group a few units togetherSwitch to Combat mode

Description of Echoes-Operation Stranglehold

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ThumbnailA new action-strategy game in futurist world, set in an extensive universe on a torn Earth almost three-hundred years in the future. It joins the famous real-time strategy genre with many elements from the third person shooter genre, in a side-scrolling environment. Please note this game is loaded with action, and may load on your cpu. If you have any slow frame rates try to lower the graphic settings. Have fun!

Having problems with the game?Try these fixes ↓
  • Wait for the game to load or reload the page.
  • Make sure you have Java , Shockwave , Flash, and Unity 3D installed on your computer.
  • Reset the browser's cache. In Firefox/Chrome use Ctrl+Shift+R. In Internet Explorer use Ctrl+F5.
  • Our favorite browsers for a pleasent and fast experience: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • If you see a white screen, wait a minute, some games have white loading screens.
  • If none of the above solves the problem, report the game and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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