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Instructions / Controls

Plaseaza cavalerii, tinteste si trage

Description of Castle Corp

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ThumbnailThis game is all about concentrating in the battle. Nothing would be possible unless you have an entire army of knights that you can always count on. Check your inventory permanently and click here to select knight. Place it in the special spot for knights. Your knight will go to the left and right, fighting with any rival in an effort to serve you better. When your knight is selected, you will be able to aim and shoot at your opponent. Do not worry. If a knight is killed in battle, it will return to the next level.

Having problems with the game?Try these fixes ↓
  • Wait for the game to load or reload the page.
  • Make sure you have Java , Shockwave , Flash, and Unity 3D installed on your computer.
  • Reset the browser's cache. In Firefox/Chrome use Ctrl+Shift+R. In Internet Explorer use Ctrl+F5.
  • Our favorite browsers for a pleasent and fast experience: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • If you see a white screen, wait a minute, some games have white loading screens.
  • If none of the above solves the problem, report the game and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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