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  • Play Cat and ghost
    Cat and ghost
    The sleep of your human is very important. That's why you must be a brave little kitty and protect your human of all the ghosts...
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  • Play Ice Cream Blast
    Ice Cream Blast
    Summer is far far away. But you can still eat ice cream. Match 3 candies and eliminate them from the screen, Every candy you eliminate...
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  • Play Confused Travolta
    Confused Travolta
    Travolta is confused. Take advantage of that and steal all the items you see in the house. Click on everything you see as fast...
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  • Play Tomb Runner
    Tomb Runner
    Danger is everywhere. But you are more agile and more skillful than ever. Your speed of reaction and your focus will be put to the test....
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  • Play Tank trouble
    Tank trouble
    An explosive game where you can call a friend, or two, and play against eachother. Don't forget, destroy or be destroyed.
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Welcome to! The place for the best free online games! wants from the beginning to be an alternative on the free gaming scene. Although still in its infancy we have big ambitions. We want you to recognize us by the quality of the games on the site, carefully selected and constantly updated with the latest releases.

We decided from the beginning to pay great attention to the wishes of the players and try to offer them an enjoyable experience, providing them their favorite games and the possibility of taking part in an online community. We work constantly to improve the tools available to players to individualize themselves on

For this we offer a Chat next to the game, where you can talk with your friends in public rooms, and at the bottom of the site where you can talk one-on-one (like Instant Messenger) to the members that are online at any given time.

We are always striving to come up with innovative features, appealing to players, to maintain the high level of dynamism we are after. With your help we want this site to be in a constant change, in a constant transformation, because we believe that this is the only way to the future.

Here are some of the main categories of games on the site, grouped according to your preferences, the online game players.

One of the most successful category is that of car games , and especially trucks games or tractor games , where you can find games that will test the responsiveness and distributive attention, and ability to solve puzzles. There are also games where you compete against other players, real or computer-controlled. Parking games are also a big attraction, they simulate the realistic behavior of a car, truck, motorcycle or ATV.

Another category is the highly coveted 3D games . This category encompasses a wide variety of games, almost all categories, 3D (based on Adobe Shockwave) comes to bring more realism and at the same time, challenge games, introducing the third dimension. Such games are possible based on physics more complex, more exciting sports games or more realistic special effects and all that derives from the 3D environment.

Pool games have always been a big attraction of online games and free them with the ability to bring together players, game of pool is very loved and played in real life. Multiplayer Pool games are in great demand, they are very exciting, offering the opportunity to play against several thousand players worldwide.

Strategy Games also have roots in early computer games. Online strategy games are focused more on something more streamlined rules, greater speed of the game, a lower degree of realism, however due to reduced duration of time spent by players in that game. That does not mean they are less fun, not even close. I am much more relaxed and more fun than playing offline analogous.

Puzzle Games have always had a large segment of online gaming, consequently, suited up very well to this kind of entertainment. They have a very wide variety so that rules and the difficulty of addressing all age groups. Are the real world of classic games such as mahjong, dominoes, puzzles with pictures, etc., but also new types of puzzle games that feature play on the computer, such as ball games, dice games involving gravity, physical games, games with pipes, cables, etc.. As you can see the list is almost endless, people with a constant need to test their thinking and skills.

One fast-growing categories is that of action games . This category of online games in turn includes a variety of subcategories, which more or less diverse, but all have one thing in common: they are games that must interact continuously, does not provide too many moments of respite. One of the most exciting is the sub Shooter or, as it is known, shooter games in which the mission is simple, apparently, we have to shoot others . But fun is far less. Such games, especially when played in multiplayer will keep you in front of computer for many hours.

One category that has experienced a huge fan spreading among online gaming is the games management , of which the most famous is famous Farmville. Management are games that put you in charge of farms, a city of cafes, football or even a crime organizations. The choice is yours.

Skill Games are games where your skills are tested and fast coordination and careful analysis of events. Whether you must solve certain tasks in a short time and with minimal losses, or have to play so that you get as many points as withstand the various challenges, and games where you have to target as well (such as games archery or gun). All these games have very high level of dynamism, the adrenaline, unfolding with a very high speed.